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  Location: American Fork, Utah
Number of therapists: 3

"I have been using PTeval™ as the sole method of documenting evaluations and progress notes in my practice for five months. I have found it to be an extremely valuable tool as it is an effective time and money saver. Our clinic was spending over $400.00 per month on transcription fees. This cost has been eliminated."

"On leaving the evaluation room with a patient, we can now generate an organized and concise document with our logo on it. This document goes in the patient's chart and is sent to the referring doctor. We also use PTeval to track patient activity and to document progress."

"The staff at PTeval has made every effort to answer our questions and has virtually tailored this program to fit our treatment style and personal needs. I highly recommend PTeval as an effective evaluation and documentation tool."

- Russ Gatenby PT.


For more information call: 1-801-225-1414 ext. 1018