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PTeval's™ patient evaluation, progress, scheduling, and reporting capabilities enable a more dynamic flow of information throughout a therapy practice - and thereby enable a practice to run more efficiently, more professionally, and more profitably.

Through PTeval's Web-based interfaces, therapists can easily and securely manage standardized, HIPAA compliant, patient evaluation and treatment documentation.


Using PTeval™, therapists can:

  • Improve patient satisfaction by providing patients with more comprehensive, more timely, and personalized information about their specific diagnosis, treatment, and progress
  • Increase doctor referrals by providing doctors a standardized, comprehensive, and timely report on patient progress
  • Dramatically reduce the need for transcription
  • Reduce the number of 'no show' appointments
  • Decrease the potential legal liability associated with incomplete treatment documentation
  • Become HIPAA compliant in managing patient information and documentation
  • Standardize evaluations across multiple therapists and/or practices
  • Track movement of important statistics - most active referring doctors, treatment efficiency, etc.

Obviously, the improvements above can bring huge benefits to any therapy practice.

PTeval™ is the single system that allows therapists and practice managers to simultaneously increase revenue, decrease costs and limit potential liability.


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